Euphoria (Download)


Release Date: March 25, 2014

It just can’t be that easy…yet somehow, Will Downing, the Prince of Sophisticated Soul, is still finding new ways to thrill his fans. With the Spring 2014 release of his 17th studio album, Euphoria, the uplifting title may offer clues to the secret formula, (as Euphoria is defined as: an overwhelming state of happiness, confidence or well-being) and may also perfectly describe the grateful mind-set of a man overcoming industry and health challenges in recent years to celebrate career and birthday milestones in 2013. I’m sure Downing’s Euphoria is a great feeling but wait until you hear how it sounds!.

Sound Check: Listen to a sneak peak of the “Euphoria” album

Track List

1. Turn Off the Lights 5:14
2. Too High 4:34
3. You Can Bring Me Flowers 4:58
4. If I Were a Magician 3:54
5. Meu Bem Querer 3:45
6. Lush Life 4:05
7. Heaven in Your Eyes 4:20
8. She's Gone 5:13
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